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Please note. There is currently a 4-6 week shipping delay for this product as of January 28th 2019, our Amish guy is busy building!!

The new mEGGa XL Coop from The Chicken Network is hand crafted by the Pennsylvania Amish and houses up to 6 chickens.  

All of our coop offerings are portable and here's some general information on portable chicken coops:

  • A quality coop will be draft free and well ventilated for year round use.
  • Portable/movable coops are often referred to as "chicken tractors" even if the coop can be moved by hand without an actual tractor
  • Benefits to moving the portable coop frequently (4-7 times a week)
    • The chickens have constant access to fresh grass and bugs providing a free range feeling remaining very protected by the chicken coop.
    • There's not a build up of droppings in one spot which decreases potential odors and decreases potential dead spots.

Here are some specifics about the new mEGGa XL:

  • Each cut, hole, staple, and screw is hand crafted by a Pennsylvania Amish family with precision and without the use of electricity. 
  • We use 1/2 x 1" wire on the sides and top of the coop so a predator is unable to reach in to touch the chickens.
  • We use 2 x 4" wire on the bottom to:
    • Allow the chickens to still dig and scratch at the ground.
    • Be large enough for the droppings to fall through when the coop is moved.
    • Protect your lawn from full on digging and scratching.
  • The roof is the same metal that our Amish friends use on the roofs of homes. It's very secure, strong, and keeps the moisture from coming into the coop.
  • They are made for year round use in all climates.
  • Our coops are 80" W x 47" L (including the wheels) x 36" H
  • Portable coops need to be small enough to maneuver but large enough to house the hens. If given too much space, they will not be able to regulate their temperature to stay warm in cooler climates. 
  • The only area that needs to be cleaned is the nesting area where they lay their eggs which should be done every week or two as long as the hens are not sleeping in the nesting box.
  • It ships flat in 4 boxes and is assembled with the tools we supply plus a screw driver and a hammer.  
  • Can be assembled with two people in about 60-90 minutes.
  • The coop will ship within two weeks.

Details about the point of lay hens available:

  • We ask that you assemble your coop as soon after receiving it to be ready for your hens.
  • We ship the next available hens to you arriving within 1-2 weeks after your coop delivery.
  • Point of lay hens are hens that are just about ready to start laying or have just started laying and are about 4-6 months old.
  • When you receive the hens, they will need to be fed a high quality Layer Feed at 16% protein.
  • The breeds provided are all brown egg layers and at this time, we can not guarantee specific breeds but will be selected from Barred Rocks, Red Stars, Rhode Island Reds, and New Hampshire Reds.
  • They are all very friendly breeds to humans and their chicken pals.
  • There are NO RETURNS on any livestock for ANY reason.
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